Developing quality applications is what I do best.

I'm an experienced senior full stack web developer who strives to create quality applications using the latest technologies that make end users happy.
Developing since 1999.

My Toolbox


  • NodeJS (ES6/7)
  • AWS, AppEngine
  • RabbitMQ
  • ColdFusion
  • PHP


  • Postgres/Postgis/plv8
  • Redis, MongoDB
  • SQL Server
  • Firebase
  • DynamoDB


  • React, Redux, AngularJS
  • Webpack, Browserify
  • Material UI, Bootstrap
  • Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Enzyme
  • HTML5, CSS3, CSS Modules


  • SSH, Git, SVN
  • Babel, ESLint, PM2
  • Logstash, GrayLog
  • Vagrant, Atom, NPM
  • Linux, Nightwatch, Jira

Professional Experience

Lead Developer
2016 - Current

Experts in Email Messaging. Delivering customisable, reliable and scalable email solutions globally.

React | Redux | NodeJS (Babel ES6/7) | Go | Mysql | Redis | Unit Testing | Code Coverage | Vagrant | Webpack

Make Some Change
Senior Developer
2015 - 2016

A new digital platform that will change the way you think about advertising, loyalty and customer engagement. A global game of giving where we all win.

AWS | NodeJS (Babel ES6) | RabbitMQ/SQS/SNS | Redis | Postgres | Unit Testing | GrayLog | React | Stripe | PM2 | Pusher | Mandrill | Mixpanel | Vagrant | Gulp

Co Founder
2014 - 2015

Trevor trawls the web and automatically applies you for jobs you'll love, only interrupting you when there's interest for an interview. Clever Trevor.

AWS | NodeJS | MongoDB | AngularJS | Unit Testing | Gulp | Stripe

Senior Full Stack Web Developer
2001 - 2015

Hometrack is the leading company in housing intelligence and automated valuations in Australia and the UK, working closely with major banks, insurance companies, residential property valuers and state governments.

Personal Projects

Node.js (2014)

Published a variety of Node.js modules to

World of Gnome (2013 - Android app)

Native Android app with a card view layout, pull-to-refresh, swipe between stories, phone & tablet support and a light/dark theme.

Bolt (2012 - Gnome-shell extension legacy)

A launcher that's a fusion of the Ubuntu dash, the Gnome-shell overview and the classic Gnome 2 menu.

Customizer (2010 - Gnome theme legacy)

One of the first online Gnome Metacity customization tools that allows you to create a custom theme to download and install.

Pyrite (2005 - PHP administration legacy)

Administration the php.ini file, the easy way, via a web interface allowing you to edit any setting, view logs and even enable extensions.