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Note: make sure you delete your existing "Homosapien Custom" theme before installing the new one, or else you won't be able to install it (delete the "Homosapien Custom" folder from ~/.themes).

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Comments (87)
Pure Storage Theme
Chad Smykay - 2nd March 2016

Gustavo - 18th November 2013

It would be nice if you have a contact page or a Facebook to speak to you :-)
Haashir - 3rd August 2013

Can you add a contact page or a Facebook profile link to speak to you ?
Haashir - 3rd August 2013

Awesome idea..!! Online custom theme, what else..!!
Zav - 7th July 2013

this is cool but i'd like round knobs !
knollewurz - 4th October 2012

peter - 18th August 2012

Anonymous - 18th August 2012

I love you so much , thanks man , thanks a lot :)
Nawfal - 12th August 2012

awesome theme...
great presentation...
even a noob can use this to suit his gtk !
rvc - 13th June 2012

Its an amazing metacity customizer....
hats off to the original author and salute the gesture to host it on this site for all to customize !
rvc - 13th June 2012

Uy yes
Mary - 24th October 2011

Excellent idea to let people customize the theme and create "their" own! Kudos!
Vagelis - 7th March 2011

buena opcion para crear temas
jorge - 16th January 2011

Ignore the comment below. I was trying to use it with the Ubuntu Ambiance theme. Obviously it needs to be used with a Clearlooks theme, like Human (as suggested at gnome-look).
cainn - 15th December 2010

Not working :(
I'm getting generic buttons that are left justified no matter what options I choose.
cainn - 15th December 2010

very good app, thanks
bonobo - 6th December 2010

hope this works
monkeym - 30th October 2010

Wow! :D great app man
Matyas - 4th October 2010

I love this theme. I tweaked it to look bluish with a red button, like XFCE's Wallis or Windows XP. Thanks for this. By the way... why did you post this as CC-BY-NC instead of, let's say, CC-BY-SA or CC-BY? Don't you know that non-commercial themes cannot be bundled in a distro?
Carlos Solis - 8th September 2010

I love this theme. I tweaked it to look bluish with a red button, like XFCE's Wallis or Windows XP. Thanks for this. By the way... why did you post this as CC-BY-NC instead of, let's say, CC-BY-SA or CC-BY? Don't you know that non-commercial themes cannot be bundled in a distro?
Carlos Solis - 8th September 2010

very good,but I have some problems getting the colours I want to have.
I think I will be here some more times. Greetings
Micki - 23rd August 2010

Thanks Zach; very handy tool
loic - 20th August 2010

very good I like it
micki - 19th August 2010

Anonymous - 18th August 2010

Thanks a lot!!!
Pablo - 17th July 2010

You should do this for other themes.
Thomas - 16th July 2010

This tool is fantastic.
jiivandeva - 11th July 2010

very nice...fluxbox idea great also
kuazar_one - 15th June 2010


Zach, this is really AMAAAAAAZING...!!! Absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much for this idea, and for this wonderful theme. Just keep up the good work.

Anonymous - 4th June 2010

You did an really awesome job with this customizer! Keep on rockin :)
Herr Gabriel - 6th May 2010

So does anyone know how to move the controls without breaking the control colors?
badhat - 6th May 2010

@zacbarton -- I am aware of using gconf-editor to reposition the controls, but repositioning them seems to "break" the theme. When I move controls that were made to be on the right to the left side the buttons no longer display the custom close color or backgrounds for the .png images.
badhat - 4th May 2010

@badhat, yes to position the buttons on the left you will have to do some extra work, use this link to help - http://www.everyjoe.com/newlinuxuser/move-your-metacity-buttons-in-gnome/
zacbarton - 4th May 2010

What in the code determines the Button Position (left/right)? I have a theme that was made using your Homosapien Customizer but the buttons are on the right. Is there something in the theme.xml file that I can modify so that the buttons show correctly on the left side of the titlebar? (I'm actually a fan of the new window controls in Lucid)
badhat - 4th May 2010

Great work! As already mentioned: could you please make round upper corners optional like for the bottom corners ... thanks for this theme!
ML - 1st May 2010

perl - 25th April 2010

I had created a ticket in launchpad under community themes (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/community-themes/+bug/559707), glad you're aware of the issue.
trowe - 22nd April 2010

Very nice! Thank U :)
wang - 19th April 2010

No coment :-)
adrian - 16th April 2010

@antunes: there is an issue there which I'll look into fixing. its a new issue brought about by some new metacity patches applied to ubuntu lucid.
zacbarton - 12th April 2010

Very GOOD !!
ubunteros - 12th April 2010

Could you check the screenshot attached here: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/43796412/Screenshot-Appearance%20Preferences-1.png

I was wondering if this is intended or not, the close button looks strange when it's the only window button.
antunes - 12th April 2010

Entrenio con el entorno visual de ubuntu. Gracias por el aporte
pygmypossum - 11th April 2010

loved it, good for us noobs.how about adding a colour chooser for the border too, and colour gradation for the title bar.
john 21 - 5th April 2010

pretty awesome tool! thanks!
Asu - 29th March 2010

This is great! Thank you.
Daniel - 27th March 2010

Anonymous - 23rd March 2010

My Own
Anonymous - 22nd March 2010

Thanks for the idea. FYI I adapted this for Fluxbox: http://box-look.org/content/show.php/Homosapien+Fluxbox+Customizer?content=121839
thierry - 22nd March 2010

Anonymous - 22nd March 2010

Cool! More like this! Fine business!
Timo - 19th March 2010

wriggler - 15th March 2010

This is super! Yes it is
nbagi - 15th March 2010

this is amazing, it's that i'm lookin for
great job
rooven - 12th March 2010

thanks for your great idea.
can you prepare a code for renaming our customized themes, so that we'd be allowed to keep our customizations as separate theme packages?
oguncak - 8th March 2010

great program..
irfan - 6th March 2010

I think this is truly great and see the potential for new and inexperienced themers to customize the desktop. I will spread the the word and link.
D.Blake - 5th March 2010

Love it, thank you so much!
Anonymous - 5th March 2010

Fantastic, very impressive. Thank you very much!
Anonymous - 5th March 2010

thx! really great!
joe - 5th March 2010

Bhaskar Ghosh - 3rd March 2010

Bhaskar Ghosh - 3rd March 2010

Good idea
Anarres - 2nd March 2010

i try but isering the code of the color of new wave i cant get the right color #535353
Anonymous - 1st March 2010

Awesome!!! This is GRRRRREAT!
Mraz - 26th February 2010

Thanks! I'll try it. We need more tools like this one for all type of themes.. Nice!
Hernan - 25th February 2010

Im new to Ubuntu and in search of good theme - yours looks very nice
Stanislav - 24th February 2010

Great, but could you please make round upper corners optional like for the bottom corners
Nium - 24th February 2010

thanks for this tool
Pablo Barrera - 23rd February 2010

very good
Bogdan - 22nd February 2010

Genial alfin podre hacer algo ami modo :D ojala salgan con mas versiones de otros themes, gracias...

Saludos desde chile.!!!!
Daniel Monaga - 19th February 2010

Very very good!
Carlos - 19th February 2010

Would it be possible to add also coloring for the closing-button? I like your theme, but the orange doesn't fit to my desktop.
Jan - 17th February 2010

Awesome, this should auto-generate a Chrome Theme too
cldx3000 at gmail dot com - 17th February 2010

That's really great! Cool!
Tom - 17th February 2010

poca madre! fucking good!
enki - 17th February 2010

Amazing good... Keep up!
Adel - 16th February 2010

vj - 16th February 2010

It is very good
katti - 15th February 2010

Very nice idea, man, Excelent

Would be nice can choose the order of the buttons and if will appear in titlebar

Stay on, it's very good
Brother - 15th February 2010

Anyway, I would like an option to get the old "+" maximizer back.
antunes - 15th February 2010

I can only post one-line comments, no longer ones.
antunes - 15th February 2010

tray - 15th February 2010

Just what I have been looking for.thanks
rod - 15th February 2010

what issues are you seeing?
zacbarton - 15th February 2010

Oops, sorry but there is something wrong with this "Verify code".
antunes - 15th February 2010